Christmas Lists

Dear Santa

I have been really good all year. Please can I have nothing for Christmas.

……said no child ever!!!!!

My boys will be writing their Christmas lists soon and so I am currently trying to work out what I am going to attempt to steer them towards. To be honest they really don’t need anything, but as that is never going to be an option I will instead be trying to dissuade them from asking for cheap, wasteful toys (like most of the hideous things that they see in the adverts). Hopefully with a bit of help they will be able to come up with things that they will use a lot, are good quality and can be passed on when they outgrow them. (Any toys that they do end up asking for I will definitely be trying to buy secondhand.)

As a new tactic this year, I will also be talking to them about things like Merlin passes or cinema and show tickets as I think that experiences are much more valuable and it will give them something to look forward to. (Merlin passes currently include an extra 3 months if purchased before 3rd Dec.)

In terms of other presents, I am going to be requesting to my family and friends that we simply don’t buy presents for each other. I would much rather be given a date that we can meet up and do something nice together and that can be the gift.

I do however realise that this will not work for everyone and so I have been looking for some gift ideas that can perhaps help the recipient live more sustainably and/or the gift can help a worthwhile cause. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Reuseable water bottle – you can get lovely stainless steel bottles pretty much everywhere now. Chilly’s Water Bottles even let you choose the colour and personalise them (or you can buy a gift card).
  • Safety razor, soap and brush sets make lovely gifts for men and women.
  • Loose tea teapot, cup and strainer – we have given up tea bags in our house.
  • Bees wax food wraps, handmade soaps, handkerchiefs, reuseable make-up remover pads.
  • Bee Saver Kit – Friends of the Earth

Charities and companies that I also like the look of are:

With so much choice it could be easy to get carried away and end up buying lots of unnecessary gifts, I will therefore be making sure that I still stick to the overall objective of buying less and any gifts that I do buy will be very carefully considered in terms of what they are, where they come from and where they will eventually end up!

It will probably take a bit longer to find the right gifts this year (especially if I need to find something secondhand) and so I had better get my head in gear and get the boys to write their lists ASAP or they really will be getting nothing!!!!!