The truth about meat

Back in August I wrote about how I was trying to reduce our consumption of meat and dairy products. It initially started when I read that “avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet.” So it was a no brainer for me to take some steps to address this. We have made some really good progress over the last few months and have slowly and steadily eaten a lot less meat, my youngest even switched to vegetarian meals at school.

I was happy with our progress and thought we were doing enough, however after a recommendation by a friend I watched the documentary ‘The Game Changers’. I then also watched ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘What the Health’. WOW! My resolve is now absolute. The effect of the meat and dairy industries on our planet is shocking and completely unsustainable. If that wasn’t enough the health benefits of a plant based diet really surprised me and has therefore inspired me to up my efforts on following a more strict plant based diet.

By happy coincidence this month is Veganuary, where people take up the challenge to follow a Vegan diet, and so we as a family are excited to be taking part. Now we are not going to be making our life too difficult for ourselves and so on the odd occasion where we are eating out or in terms of the school meals for my boys we will choose a vegetarian option where vegan is not available (it’s the cheese that is the biggest challenge). But for the meals that I have full control of we will be sticking to plant based foods.

So if you are looking for something to watch this evening (whilst perhaps still recovering from last night), I can highly recommend these three programmes they are an eye opener. (We watched them on Netflix.)