The Future We Choose

If you read one book this lockdown please let it be “The Future We Choose”. It is an optimistic and practical book with an insightful view of the current climate crisis and how it can be managed (unfortunately not solved).

It is a powerful read and I challenge anyone to read Chapter 2: The World we are Creating, and not be horrified by the reality that we will be faced with in 2050 if we do not act now.

I was previously aiming to be able to tell my children “I did everything I could” to try to help the climate crisis, however this book has shown me that I need to up my game to “I did everything that was necessary.”

As much as this book is based on fact and practical steps it also covers the importance of needing to change mindsets. The climate crisis may seem overwhelming but if enough people work together we can still stave off the worst case scenario that we are currently heading towards.

There are too many powerful messages in this book for me to even try to do it justice, so all I can say is please read it as soon as you can. There is a lot to be done and not much time.

(They also have a website with weekly podcasts.