Out of Season

It is sadly time to say goodbye to strawberries for the winter.

Given the choice we would happily eat strawberries every day in our house, however as the UK strawberry season is now officially over (end Sept) we will now have to resist the hothouse and imported strawberries that will unfortunately still be available.

I have therefore had a quick check to see what else is about to come to the end of its season and so for the month of October we will be making sure that we enjoy the UK’s blackberries, grapes, nectarines and plums before they too will have to be resisted.



By following the fruit and vegetable seasons for this last year, it has actually made our diet a bit more interesting as we have made more of an effort to try new types and varieties. Plus, the produce really does taste better when it is in season (not to mention has more nutrients) and we do then appreciate things like strawberries as a real treat when we can have them.

If you really can’t resist soft fruits for the whole of the winter, the research I did last year (www.imperfectfootprints.co.uk/2019/11/22/fruit-and-veg-miles/) said that the best way to enjoy them out of season is to buy them frozen. So I was delighted to discover that my local farm shop Bourne Valley (www.bournevalleygardencentre.co.uk/farm-shop) has a ‘scoop your own’ frozen selection of berries. So yesterday I filled up my empty ice cream tubs from the summer with some frozen blueberries to help us through the winter!

Between now and next season I will continue my search (and perhaps harassment) of suppliers to find some that will provide soft fruits in some more sustainable packaging, as this year we ended up getting them in plastic punnets far too many times.

In theory the strawberry season will start again in May, however if the weather is as glorious as it was this year it could be as early as April and we could have another bumper strawberry season as we did this year. We are looking forward to it already!