Recipe Fail

“It’s disgusting!” declares my 6 year old. “It’s edible.” concedes his less dramatic older brother. I just had to laugh as I couldn’t deny the fact that the soup I had just served them for lunch was really not very nice.

We haven’t had many inedible recipe experiments since trying to go Vegan last January (maybe 3 meals quickly replaced by baked beans on toast), but today I have to say was a close call.

In the interests of time today, I had decided that I would cook my own interpretation of a soup recipe that we have previously enjoyed and let’s just say that the experiment didn’t work out very well! In my own self-defence I think it was actually just the fact I overcooked the beetroot that was the problem, mainly due to trying to run a PE lesson at the same time?!

However, in the interests of not wanting to waste the soup today (and not wanting to have to make something else) I then had to try every trick I knew to convince my boys to still eat it. So with their favourite bagels to dip in it, challenging them to a soup eating race, making up a song as to how horrible it was and the promise of their favourite (soya) yoghurt for dessert, it actually did all get eaten up without too much of a fuss. Although I think my youngest was just so amused that I actually admitted it was horrible, I think he would have quite happily eaten it without the other tricks as long as he could watch me grimace with my every mouthful. (It wasn’t THAT bad but I generally find that distraction is the key with my drama king!)

So for the foreseeable future I will definitely be going back to strictly following a recipe when I cook as I am obviously not yet competent enough to wing it!

(By the way, these Alpro soya yoghurts really are delicious.)