Recycling Drainer

How do you like my ‘new’ recycling drainer?

I have been struggling for a long time now with trying to make sure that my empty food packaging is dry before I put it into my recycling bin. (Apparently this is important so as to not contaminate the other items.) I haven’t wanted to put the rinsed packaging into my normal drainer as the items are not necessarily completely clean and so this week I decided to actually allocate a drainer just for my recycling.

My knee jerk reaction was obviously “I need to buy another drainer” however my second thought was then, “Do I already have something I can use instead?” My cupboard full of ‘empty packaging that might be useful one day’ luckily came up trumps with this container that once held a ‘COOK’ vegetarian lasagne. (Bought from the farm shop at Bourne Valley ( The even better news is that the ‘COOK’ containers are already made from up to 85% recycled plastic and so it has not only already been recycled but it is also now being re-purposed for the long term.

It makes such a huge difference to be able to dry the packaging tidily and easily, I just wish I had thought of it sooner!