Book Loan

As it is World Book Day today I thought I would just share with the you the sustainability books that I have been reading recently.

My personal favourites are ‘How Bad Are Bananas’, ‘The Future We Choose’, ‘There is No Planet B’ and ‘The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide’, which is particularly good for dipping in and out of for some practical steps.

As it is obviously not ideal for everyone to go out and buy a lot of books (and unfortunately there aren’t many second-hand ones available), I thought that I would offer up my small collection for anyone living close by to me to borrow if they wish.

I am unfortunately not able to pass them on permanently just yet as I have a terrible memory and still need to refer back to them now and again! But I am more than happy to lend them out for anyone that might want to try them to see if they find them helpful.

If you would rather buy your own copy of a book, I can also highly recommend The Hive website, as with every purchase that is made some of the money will go towards helping to support your local independent book shop.

I don’t get much time to read these days but I am hoping that come Monday I will be able to find a bit more time to myself! (Not counting the days at all!!!)