Recycled Cards

Whilst my boys are still young (and willing), I will always prefer a homemade card over a shop bought one and so as we recently came to the end of our stock of blank cards and envelopes I went on a search for some sustainable ones.

In my search, I came across this fab company called Eco-Craft that supply a great range of recycled and recyclable paper products including cards, envelopes, tape, labels and packaging etc. They also seem to have a great sustainability ethos with products being manufactured in the UK/EU, coming with plastic free packaging and they are powered by renewable energy.

Eco Craft – Recycled Card, Paper, Craft and Packaging (

I am really trying to make sure that I choose recycled paper products whenever I can these days as apart from conserving natural resources, like the Eco-Craft website states “Recycling paper can also reduce the energy required in production by up to 50%, with similar effects on pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. Recycling also reduces water usage by up to 50% and involves fewer chemical processes. The recycling paper industry is led by consumer demand so the more we use, the more the mills will produce.”

When choosing my cards and envelopes this time I opted for the Eco-Natural (grey) ones as they are the ‘greenest’ option due to being made from 100% recycled ‘low grade’ consumer waste and are not dyed or bleached with chlorine. However, if you would prefer a pure white colour they do also have some that are still 100% recycled.

In theory my homemade cards are also obviously recyclable however I personally like to keep my boys’ masterpieces even if they are mostly of dinosaurs! Having a stash of blank cards in the house also saves my husband from having to remember to buy them for me, although I do still have to strategically leave them out in plain sight when Mother’s day or my birthday is approaching just to be sure!