Don’t Wish-Cycle

Today is Global Recycling Day and so it has prompted me to finally try to find out the answer to my question as to if my frozen food cardboard boxes can be recycled even though they seem to be just a little bit greasy.

Unfortunately, it appears that the answer is as I had thought in that any cardboard that is greasy cannot be recycled. My vegetarian sausages don’t really make the boxes that greasy however I would much rather send them to be incinerated rather than to run the risk of contaminating a whole load of recycling. (Just 5% contamination is enough for a load of recycling to be turned away from the recycling centre.)

So if you too have some questionable items that you don’t know what to do with then here is the link to the local recycling website that I find really helpful for their “Guide to collections” and “What do I do with…” search function.…/guide-to…/

The Woking Community Recycling Centre list of items is also available here:…/community…/woking

The general recommendation seems to be to err on the side of caution with questionable items rather than trying to Wish-Cycle. So I am just going to have to assume that any grease is too much grease when it comes to recycling card!