Meat-Free Monday

Our new favourite Meat-Free Monday recipe – Stuffed Peppers.

We have had this meal a few times now and the boys absolutely love it. I either make it with some tinned beans (such as black or borlotti) or I tweak the recipe and use meat-free mince. I can just about get away with using Violife vegan cheese on it however my boys most definitely prefer it with real mozzarella.

This is the recipe that we currently like the most:…/veggie_stuffed_peppers_88266

I do however leave out the cayenne pepper so that it isn’t too spicy and I don’t bother with the courgette or olives. I do manage to get away with keeping the mushrooms in it though by cutting them up small enough so that the boys think they are beans!

We like to have roasted sweet potato wedges or rice with it, as well as some wilted spinach for the adults and sweetcorn for the boys.

(The picture shows the last recipe that we tried which actually had the rice inside the peppers, however I much prefer to have the rice on the side instead to make more space for the beans/mince.)

Just in terms of the portion sizes it can actually be deceptively filling and so I only cook 3 peppers for us as my boys only manage to eat half a pepper each. Although if we do have any leftovers it is never really going to go to waste with my husband around.