Sustainable Easter

A couple of years ago the Easter Bunny made a big mistake. In an effort to try to reduce the amount of chocolate that my boys received he decided to give them some Smashers toys instead. Looking back now, these horribly pointless plastic eggs that you smash ONCE to find a random unwanted toy (that has never been looked at again) are now one of my worst sustainability nightmares.

So last year when the Easter Bunny then tried to redeem himself and return back to just the chocolate my boys were unfortunately very disappointed. These memories have annoyingly even carried over into this year where I have been harassed for the last few weeks as to if they would be getting the supposedly loved Smashers toys again?!

The Easter Bunny this year has therefore had to find a more sustainable solution to appease my (spoilt) children. Luckily we just happened to have two re-useable metal eggs in our collection of Easter decorations and the Easter Bunny has then filled them with some second-hand Lego mini-figures. Thankfully this went down a storm with the boys and we have had a very Happy Easter.

It is funny how children can’t remember that you asked them to put on their shoes 2 minutes ago and yet they do remember the hideous plastic toy that they played with for 2 seconds two years ago!

Be careful what traditions you start, for the children will no doubt remember the ones that you will want to forget!