Two Duvets

Whilst the weather is still trying to make up its mind as to if it wants to be hot or cold, I am finding that my winter trial of double duveting has a new additional benefit – temperature control.

Back at the start of the winter my boys were getting a bit cold at night and so I needed to get them some thicker duvets, however as I still had their old toddler bed sized duvet and a spare single duvet in the cupboard I decided to just try giving them a second duvet instead of buying some new thicker ones just for the winter.

I am pleased to say that it has worked brilliantly and even with all of their overnight wriggling the duvets have stayed in place and kept them nice and cosy all winter.

However, now that the weather has started to (occasionally) get warmer we have also found that this has the added advantage of the boys being able to remove a layer of duvet themselves if the temperature fluctuates.

What my youngest likes the most though is that he still gets to have his favourite (toddler sized) dinosaur duvet cover as well as his new full size sea creatures cover all at once, and luckily for me my spare single duvet cover was also ‘cool’ enough for my eldest! (And no I don’t iron our sheets as it is a waste of electricity!)