How beautiful are my birthday flowers?!

My husband was a little bit concerned that it was going to be difficult to buy me flowers this year as he knew that I would want them to be sustainable. However he needn’t have worried as I was delighted to discover that our local florist Poppies & Peonies have a lovely selection of seasonal flowers from Plantpassion which are both locally and sustainably grown. (No air miles, chemicals or plastic.)

In my quick bit of research I also found that we have some other great options available to us locally such as Marrow Family Plants, The Chobham Flower Garden and Sprout Surrey.

Obviously the most sustainable thing would be to leave the flowers in the ground, however as I only get cut flowers twice a year I don’t feel too guilty now that I know we can at least source them sustainably. Especially as I doubt that I will ever manage to grow anything so beautiful in my own garden!