Electric Razor

My husband doesn’t have much time to spare these days and so his willingness to take the extra time to learn how to use his safety razor quickly (and safely) has not materialized over the last 2 years. So as a result I have finally had to make a compromise and buy him an electric shaver instead. (It takes me quite a while to accept defeat!)

Now I didn’t originally think that using power would be a good idea for the environment however apparently an electric shaver can still better than disposable plastic razors?! You do however need to make sure that you get a good quality one that will last, as well as making sure that the manufacturer has a good conflict minerals policy. (See Ethical Consumer for some helpful information). In the end I opted for a Phillips shaver as they seem to have a good sustainability ethic.

In theory you also don’t need to use shaving gel with an electric shaver however as my husband still prefers to use some (and can’t be bothered to faff around with the shave bars), I have also now chosen the Bulldog shaving gel for him as the company seems to have good sustainability ethics, the tubes are made out of at least 50% sugarcane and they have also now introduced a recycling scheme for the tubes where you can just FREEPOST the empties.


I have to say that my husband has gotten on-board with the majority of my sustainability changes over the last 2 years, however sometimes I do just have to accept that the ideal environmental solution is sometimes bit of a step too far for him and so a bit more of a compromise is needed. The alternative for him was that he just didn’t shave his beard, which incidentally would be the step too far for me!!!!