Repairing Jeans

“In the UK, continuing to actively wear a garment for just nine months longer could diminish its environmental impacts by 20–30%.” (BBC)

Knowing that my jeans are also probably one of the most environmentally damaging items in my wardrobe, I therefore wanted to try to repair my numerous pairs of ripped jeans rather than replacing them. (I seriously need to buy better quality jeans in the future.)

However, my collection of broken waist bands, ripped knees and even a hole in the crotch of my husband’s jeans has been slowing growing in a pile in my spare room for the last 2 years, just waiting for me to find the time (and inclination) to mend them!

In my defence, I did try to fix a couple of them myself a while back but my sewing skills just weren’t up to the challenge. So last week I did finally accept that I would need to get a professional seamstress to get the job done if I was to ever wear the jeans again. Luckily, I easily found the lovely Sally at Sally Seams and she has done an amazing job for me in less than a week. I am so pleased with the results and I particularly like my visibly mended knees.

So apart from being able to reduce the environmental impact of my jeans, I also now have 4 more pairs of jeans back in my wardrobe and my husband has his favourite jeans back. Plus, the extra bonus is surprisingly the cost as all five repairs still cost me less than one new pair of (good quality) jeans! Don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner?