Hiding Veg

If the boys won’t eat their greens I have found that sometimes the easiest way around it is to hide it!

As it is the start of National Vegetarian Week today (10th-16th May) I thought that I would just quickly share with you my recent discovery of a spinach and kale smoothie that my boys love.

Since we have cut back on our consumption of meat and dairy, the nutritionist that I spoke to recommended that we should try to increase our intake of dark leafy greens. So with my very limited success at incorporating this into our dinner recipes, I therefore decided to experiment with a few smoothie recipes instead.

As it turns out mango is apparently the secret ingredient that we needed to make a green smoothie yummy enough for my boys and so in the end I have just tweaked the BOSH! Green Goddess Smoothie recipe (from their Healthy Vegan book), but it is basically an apple, banana, kale, spinach, (oat) milk and then our addition of a mango.

The National Vegetarian Week website has a lot of great recipes recommendations and so I am going to be taking the opportunity this week to try to find some more new ways of getting veggies into my boys, as I know that they will eat most things I just have to find the right recipe!