Save the Bees

Today is World Bee Day and so it has finally prompted me to put up my ‘No Mow May’ signs in my front garden. (Better late than never!)

We took part in this last year (No Mow May : Imperfect Footprints) however I figure that it can’t hurt to spread this important message again to my passing neighbours.

Many British pollinating insects are in decline and so they urgently need our help. By simply not cutting our grass quite so often it can result in an amazing tenfold increase in the amount of nectar available to our bees and pollinators!

The No Mow May guidance is to simply not cut the grass for (at least) a month and if possible to choose a patch that can grow wild for even longer (eg until September).

We have found some beautiful wildflowers popping up all around our garden this year, especially along the edges and the back where I had let it grow wild all through the summer last year.

Our gardens here in Surrey make up 12% of the county, which is more than all of Surrey’s nature reserves put together. So we as individuals really can make a big difference in supporting our pollinators by simply doing nothing. Every flower really does count.