Circular System

These 4 containers save me buying 40 plastic bottles!

It has taken me a while to get around to clearing the space but I am delighted to have finally been able to order these 5 litre containers of refill products from Bare + Fair. Not only are they great eco-friendly products but they also work on a brilliant circular system whereby Bare + Fair will return them to the original suppliers so that they can be washed and reused again. (I even get them delivered and collected from my front door and so it really is so easy.)

The products I have chosen to do this with are the ones that we use the most in this house ie washing-up liquid, hand soap and non-bio laundry liquid. Plus, I have also had to add a body wash to the collection as my husband doesn’t like using the bar soap!

In terms of using them, I would definitely recommend buying the pump dispensers to refill smaller bottles as it makes it quick (clean) and easy. However, for larger bottles (like laundry liquid) I find it easier to simply pour it into a 1 litre bottle (SLOWLY, so it doesn’t glug everywhere!) The pumps do drip a little bit after each refill and so I would also just recommend keeping a small container underneath them to catch any drips.

I am so happy to have this circular system so easily available to me. Yes, we can recycle  plastic bottles but single use items are just not sustainable. Reducing and reusing are so much more important.