Smell the Azaleas

Today I needed to recalibrate. I realised last night that I have been feeling progressively fed up these last couple of weeks, and it has not just been because of the bad weather.

Quite often when I get too absorbed in working through my sustainability to do list, or I spend too much time researching about climate change it can start to get me down and if I am not careful I can quite easily get frustrated and despondent.

So today I took myself off for a walk. Spending time in nature always has such a soothing and positive effect on my mind, not to mention all of the baby ducks that are around at the moment which just make me smile.

At the end of my walk today though I came to this staircase and it gave me a moment of clarity….

All of the changes that I need to make to live more sustainability do sometimes feel like a never ending mountain of tasks, however if I just make sure that I focus on taking them one step at a time I do know that it is manageable. (Even if I am out of breath by the time I reach the top!)

However, the most important thing that I remembered today was that I need to make sure that I regularly lift my head up from focusing on the steps to make sure that I am enjoying the journey. I am in this for the long-haul and so I had better make sure that I do not miss out on all of the joy to be found along the way.

New friends, new skills and a new appreciation of the simple things have been the highlights of my journey so far, not to mention the sense of fulfilment when I look back to see how far I have come already.

So my top tip for today is to simply make sure that you “Stop to smell the roses.” (Or in this case the Azaleas!)