Eye Mask

It may not feel like the first day of summer today but apparently it is?!

I do love the lighter evenings of the summer, however for some reason this year I have found myself to be a lot more sensitive to the earlier sunrises over the last few weeks. Unfortunately, the wooden shutters that I have in my bedroom window are just not very effective at blocking out the light.

So in my pursuit of not being woken up at 4am, I had started to consider getting some black out blinds/curtains. However, as I was deliberating as to how to get the most eco-friendly solution I realised that I could simply just try an eye mask instead?! It is a lot less material, plus it is also free as I already had a collection of them that I have previously been given on flights. (Knew they would come in handy one day!)

I was initially a bit dubious as to if I would be able to sleep with an eye mask on but I have to say that I don’t really notice it and it does work brilliantly at letting me sleep for a couple of extra hours.

Today might be the longest day, but at least I can now choose not to be woken up at the crack of dawn (children allowing obviously).

#usewhatyouhave #lessismore #breakthebuyinghabit