Tofu Nuggets

New favourite lunch alert! Tofu nugget wraps.

I still often struggle to think of a vegan lunch option that doesn’t take too much time and effort and so I was very excited to have discovered these delicious tofu nugget wraps today.

Having noticed that a pack of tofu was going out of date yesterday I quickly looked up a recipe online and baked it into some nuggets last night (without the garlic powder) so that I could pop them in the fridge ready for today.

I already had an open pack of wraps in the fridge that needed using up and so I simply just added some salad, tomatoes and avocado from my ODDBOX to create a very simple, tasty and not to mention food wastage saving lunch.

My husband also really enjoyed them and so I think that I could even give the nuggets to the boys for dinner one day!

Every new plant based recipe success that I have still feels like such a big win for me. Especially when it only needs the ingredients that I always have in the cupboard, as it works perfectly with my serious lack of ability to menu plan!