Plastic Free Deodorant

I have tried many natural deodorants over the last 2 years but my current top three, plastic-free favourites are:

  • Fit Pit – comes in a glass jar that you simply return for it to be reused. (I buy and return mine from/to Bare + Fair and Kate’s Eco Shop) It does feel a bit strange to use your fingers to apply it at first but I only ever use it when I am freshly showered and so I just think of it like using a moisturiser. (My top tip is to wipe any remaining cream from your fingers with some tissue before washing your hands as this makes it a lot quicker.)
  • Wild – comes in a beautiful case that you can simply buy a (compostable) refill for. (Currently on special offer at Sainsburys)
  • Ku.tis – the cardboard packaging is supposedly recyclable but it tends to get a bit greasy around the top and so as I do not have a compost heap I have to put it in my general waste.

All three products go on really nicely, smell great and most importantly they really do work.

(Please note that they are all deodorants not anti-perspirants and so they don’t actually stop you sweating but they do keep you smelling nice and fresh.)

It may take a bit of trial and error to find out which product works best for you, but I am very happy with these three and so I am now slowly working on my husband to try to convert him too!