For anyone starting to plan for their summer holidays, I just wanted to share these lovely beach/camping windbreakers that I have found.

I wanted to avoid the normal plastic variety and so I took the time to try to find some more environmentally friendly alternatives.

My favourite discovery has actually been the windbreakers that are made out of old sails, which are absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, they cost quite a bit more than I am willing to pay!

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Windbreaks | Made from Recycled Sails | Sails and Canvas,

I therefore decided to go with my second choice which is a cotton windbreaker from It is made out of a good quality cotton, has hardwood poles (from sustainable sources) and is made in line with the companies Ethical Trading Policy. When I asked them if the cotton was Fairtrade and organic they said that they can only currently offer that for larger quantities however the one that I have chosen is at least made from responsibly sourced cotton.

It is not the perfect solution and is probably a bit heavier than its plastic alternative, but it does come with its own carry case and is machine washable and so as long as I look after if properly it should hopefully last for a very long time.  

There are some plain and more neutral designs available but I personally preferred the sea monster, even if my boys might not agree with me in a few years time!