Whiteboard Markers

I had hoped that I had seen the back of home schooling but unfortunately not!

On the plus side though it has reminded me to share the details of these recycled whiteboard markers that I have found in Rymans.

My eldest son had previously been using some BIC Ecolutions, 51% recycled, whiteboard markers (which the teacher incidentally loved for how nicely they write), however I do like the fact that these Ecowrite ones are even better at 73% and I can just pick them up in town rather than having to order them online.

Although saying that, I may have to revert back to shopping online again as I would really like to try some of the refillable (and recycled) whiteboard pens such as Edding Ecoline and Pilot Begreen that I have seen, especially now that both of my boys will be needing two pens each as of September.

Obviously, single use plastic pens are far from ideal however at least I know that I can easily send them to be recycled either through the school’s Terracycle scheme or back to Rymans itself.

Fingers crossed I won’t be needing to use the pens here at home too many more times though as I am definitely not cut out for teaching!