Organic September

Protecting and restoring the Earth’s soils is at least as important as the climate emergency. (According to the scientists behind a UN report on soil biodiversity).

As an individual we can play an important part in doing this by simply choosing organic products.

Thankfully there is an ever expanding range of organic products that are easily available to us as consumers and I even find that the supermarket’s own organic ranges tend to be good value for money (especially for store cupboard staples).

My biggest frustration however is that quite often the supermarket’s organic fresh fruit and veg have unnecessary packaging and so I end up choosing to only buy their organic fruit and veg that has no packaging or where I know that there isn’t a package free option available. As a compromised choice therefore, I currently get most of my weekly fruit and veg from ODDBOX which unfortunately isn’t often organic but is instead fighting the other big issue of food wastage.

Like most things to do with living more sustainably, I find that I just have to try to find a balance between the battles (eg. packaging vs food waste vs organic). So unfortunately my food shop is definitely not perfectly organic but each item that I do buy is a carefully considered choice whilst I am trying to find new and better options.

So as it is now officially Organic September, perhaps next time you are doing your food shop just take a minute to see if there is a suitable organic option available instead?…/organic-september/