The Great Big Green Week

The most important thing to have is hope, especially when it comes to trying to tackle climate change.

One of the biggest things that helps me to maintain this hope is seeing that I am not the only one trying. There are so many people doing so many brilliant things and this is what keeps me motivated and inspired to do what I can.

The Great Big Green Week is taking place this week (18 – 26 September 2021), where thousands of UK events will celebrate how communities are taking action to tackle climate change. So if you want to know more about how to start, where to get some inspiration or to get involved in some local community action have a search on the Great Big Green Week website ( for what is happening in your area.

Here in Woking there are walks, litter picks, wildflower planting working parties, a debate with our local MP, a fruit foraging walk, pilates, a bike repair workshop, and a free webinar on how to cut water use in your business.

I will be getting involved in a few of these events as well as attending the Big Green Day at the Lighthouse and the XR climate strike on Friday.

I went to my first climate strike by myself a couple of years ago, however I am delighted to have now met some lovely local people through WEAct Woking ( and so I will not be going alone this time.

By working together we can make so much more progress, not just by sharing the physical workload but more importantly by easing the mental load that it can take.