How do you like my ‘new’ cabinet?

With the furniture industry requiring an enormous amount of trees, plastic and cotton etc to produce what can often be described as fast furniture, I am delighted to see that the trend of upcycling furniture is continuing to become more and more popular.

Not only are there now more people realising that they can easily sell or donate good quality pieces that they no longer want, but there is also a growing number of talented individuals that can turn these sometimes dated pieces into a masterpiece of your own design. (eg. Home Office Chic, Bird’s Attic)

I had a vague idea as to the type of cabinet that I wanted for our dining room, however the lady at The Painted Toucan was not only able to find me the perfect (secondhand) cabinet but she then also guided me through the design process of colours, stencils, shelving and lights, before turning those ideas into this beautiful drinks cabinet.

I have bought many great pieces of secondhand furniture over the last 10 years (mainly from the Woking and Sam Beare Hospice furniture shop in Knaphill). However as some of those pieces were bought with the intention of trying to upcycle them myself and it has yet to happen I think that it might be time to call in the professionals again!