Meat-Free Roast

10 YEAR OLD SON: “Er what is that?”

ME: “Butternut squash, mushroom and lentil wellington”

10 YEAR OLD SON: “Noooo I don’t like lentils”

7 YEAR OLD SON: “Noooo I don’t like mushrooms”

ME: “Try it.”

BOTH SONS: “Mmmm yummy! Can we have this again its delicious?”

Whenever I cook a new meat-free recipe the conversation with my boys always starts in the same way, however as you can see from the conversation above the recipe that I made last Sunday ended up being a particular success.

The recipe was the BOSH! Halloween Wellington. The only difference being that I used butternut squash instead of pumpkin and some non-vegan puff pastry as I have so far been unable to find any and so if anyone knows where I can get some for next time please do let me know?

I am so pleased that we have found another tasty meat-free centre piece as a roast dinner is always a family favourite in our house. And I don’t know if it is just because my taste buds have changed or if it is my memory (it has been over 2 years) but I do honestly think that this Wellington was far more enjoyable than any roast beef I have ever had.

Changing our diet is one of the most powerful things that we can do to help fight climate change (especially cutting down on red meat) and so I will continue to experiment with new meat-free meals for my boys and push on through with their mealtime resistance as 99% of the time they do actually end up liking, or even loving it!