We Need to Act

COP26 may not have managed to achieve the deal that the world needs, however at least it has taken another big step in the right direction.

As many feared, our politicians haven’t shown enough ambition, urgency or guts to commit to doing what is necessary and so again it will now fall to us as constituents and consumers to continue to push for much stronger and faster action from businesses and government.

The good news is that we have the ability to show those in power what kind of a world we really want just by using our voices and everyday choices purposefully.

For example, some of my personal actions this week have been to:

• Put wildflower seeds in my son’s party bags instead of a pointless plastic toy.

• Making the extra effort to take a train to meet a friend instead of driving.

• Trying the new Vegan Christmas Flatbread from Pret – it was delicious!

• Watching “The Story of Plastic” documentary to educate myself more on the issues.

• Taking my hard to recycle items to my local collections points – Tetra Paks and soft plastics at Sainsburys, beauty products at Body Shop and Superdrug, contact lenses at Boots Optitions, ink cartridges and pens at Rymans, toothpaste tubes to a local dentist.

• Buying most of my Christmas presents secondhand – from Marketplace, Vinted and ebay.

• Taking my tins of left-over paint to the Guildford Recycling Centre Paint Shop.

• Emailing a local café to ask them to stop using individual single use sachets of ketchup etc.

Or if you want to get involved in (or just learn about) some local action I can highly recommend attending the Woking Environment Action’s AGM on zoom this Thursday 18 Nov at 19.30-21.00. You can register for free through Eventbrite.


Our Governments have done a lot of talking over these last two weeks but what we really need now is some urgent action from all of us, no one is going to do this for us. Every individual action really does count.