Bike Project Surrey

Have you heard about the Bike Project Surrey?

It is a great local charity located in Guildford that salvages and recycles bikes.

Not only do they provide affordable bikes for the local community to buy but they also offer affordable bike servicing to keep bikes on the road for longer.

So if you have a bike to donate or are in need of a new bike please do consider this great service.

I have recently bought myself and my eldest son ‘new’ bikes from them and they are absolutely brilliant. Not only were they an absolute bargain but I also have the reassurance that they have been serviced and checked properly.

The people at the Bike Project were also brilliant at helping us choose the right bike and making any minor adjustments for us like adding mud guards etc.

I have never seen the point in buying my boys brand new bikes as kids legs grow so quickly that it means there are actually a lot of barely used, great quality secondhand ones available.

My son is absolutely over the moon with his ‘new’ bike and mine is apparently so good that my husband seems to have adopted it!