Eco Stationary

Yes, yes, yes!

Two years ago I was struggling to find environmentally friendly stationary in our High Street shops. However, I am delighted to say that this year has been a lot easier.

I have found that WH Smiths and Rymans now have a quite a few Eco product ranges and whilst they are not perfect options, it is so encouraging to see so much more choice easily available to us.

Eco pens, pencils, highlighters and whiteboard markers have been increasingly easy to find over the last couple of years however today I found these PVC, latex and phthalate free erasers (as in the eraser itself not just the packaging) and I also spotted some bamboo rulers and metal protractors in WH Smiths which have been previously been the difficult items to find. (Though for some reason they are not advertised on their website?)

So if you haven’t done your back to school shop yet please do look out for the many Eco ranges that are testing the market, as we need to show businesses that these are the kind of products that we want our children to be using.