Party Bag

It started with the socks.

When I went to pick up my son from an Airhop party this weekend (which he loved by the way), I saw that all of the kids had removed their Airhop socks that they had been given at the start and put them in a basket. When I enquired as to what happened to the socks now I was horrified to learn that they just get thrown away!!! After no more than 1 hour of wear these plastic rich socks that are given to every customer are thrown away. Surely they could at least encourage everyone to take them home and wear them the next time they visit or even wear them as slippers at home, anything would be better than them being thrown away.

Then came the party bag.

Now I don’t like party bags at the best of times but this one has just a bit too much wasteful promotional plastic stuff that doesn’t consider what a child might actually use for longer than a few minutes. Its only saving grace was the ball, even though it is made out of unsustainable materials at least the kids love it and will play with it for a longer period of time.

I have therefore written an email to Airhop’s Head Office appealing with them to review their party bag and sock use as not only will it be less wasteful but it will also save them money and the kids won’t even notice. A couple of sweets and maybe a ball is more than sufficient if they must give a party bag and as for the socks we took ours home and they really do make good non-slip slippers.

I hope that my email will at least get Airhop Head Office to consider changing their ways as we really cannot afford to continue with such wasteful practices. #UseYourVoice