Today I have been planting positive seeds of thought into young minds.

One of our local High School students had recently contacted us at the WEAct Hub to ask if someone from WEAct could come into the school to speak to the Year 9‘s about climate change. And so even though the idea absolutely terrified me I arranged for myself and Tom from The Jump initiative to go along and speak to them today.

Firstly, I have to say a huge thank you to Tom as his presentation was brilliant. It was full of easy to remember steps, positivity and inspiring facts that I could see the students absorbing and starting to understand how taking climate action can be a positive change to our way of life and what they can be doing as individuals.

I then briefly told them all about the great projects that WEAct run locally and about our Climate Emergency Centre (WEAct Hub) where they can come to find more information, inspiration and support.

I hope that the students enjoyed the session today. For me it was a completely nerve-wracking experience as I have never even spoken to more than a dozen people before (let alone 240) and so I literally started shaking as soon as I arrived.

But for me, I knew how important it was for us to reach out to the students and so I am really pleased that we were able to make it happen. They will need to be a part of the change that is required to tackle climate change and in the end it is their future that we are trying to protect.

It was a Year 11 student that inspired me to present at the school today, and it was Greta Thunberg at the age of 16 that originally started me on my sustainability journey. Teenagers have a voice in society and not only can they be loud but more importantly they can be powerful.

#UseYourVoice #takeTheJUMPnow #weact #ProgressTakesPlaceOutsideYourComfortZone