Repair not Replace

It cost me two new parts and a call out fee BUT my fridge freezer is now thankfully working again at only a small fraction of the price that it would have cost me to replace it, not to mention the environmental costs that I have saved by choosing not to give up on it and buy a new one.

Even with my environmental mantra of always trying to repair rather than replace though, it wasn’t an automatic decision for me. However, the decision was made a bit easier as the fridge freezer is only about 6 years old, in good condition and highly rated in terms of energy efficiency. (Apparently after about 9-10 years the benefits of repairing can become more debatable.)

Once I had decided to try to have it fixed I simply used the phone number that was displayed inside the fridge and they were able to come and fix it very quickly and easily for me. Apparently, it is at about 6 years that problems can start to arise with fridge/freezers but they are more often than not cost effective to fix and still have a lot of life left in them.

So thankfully my fridge is now up a running again and I have also taken the opportunity to reorganise its contents so that things are easier to find before they go out of date. Plus, I have also decided to move my ‘Eat Me First’ shelf to a lower level so that my kids can now reach it as they are now old enough to help themselves, which in itself gets food eaten faster!