Progress not Perfection

I don’t need a New Year’s challenge, I am already quite overwhelmed by life in general at the moment.

What I do need to do though is to make sure that I refocus on my priorities, allow myself more flexible time frames and most importantly to learn to be happy with the imperfect.

By trying to do everything perfectly I have finally realised that I am just burning myself out whilst still not being satisfied with what I have achieved.

This is especially true with my sustainability efforts and so this year I will be reminding myself that any action is better than no action, and it is not about doing everything right 100% of the time, it is simply doing whatever we can whenever we can.

So if you are also feeling like you don’t have much capacity at the moment but one of your New Year’s resolutions is to take some climate action, please be assured that there are still many things that you can do that won’t take much time but will definitely have a positive impact.

For inspiration, I can highly recommend the ‘Take the Jump’ initiative. It very simply identifies the climate actions that we can take and breaks them down into six manageable shifts that you can choose to do as little or as much of as you like.

(The WEAct website also now has a ‘Tips for Taking Action’ page for some more inspiration.)

One of the key foundations of The Jump is ‘Trying is enough, just start’ and it is surprising how much you can achieve once you do.

I find that a large part of living more sustainably is simply about making changes to your mindset and focusing on what really brings you joy. I just need to remember to embrace the imperfectness of it all!

#progressnotperfection #bekindtoyourself