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Easter Eggs

Excited to find Fairtrade chocolate eggs in plastic free packaging! Thank you Co-Op for making my Easter Hunt preparations easy.

Recycled Cards

Whilst my boys are still young (and willing), I will always prefer a homemade card over a shop bought one and so as we recently came to the end of our stock of blank cards and envelopes I went on a search for some sustainable ones. In my search, I came across this fab company …

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Today is the start of Fairtrade Fortnight (22 Feb -7 March 2021) and so I am currently doing an audit of my weekly food shop to make sure that wherever possible I am buying Fairtrade certified products. I hadn’t previously thought of Fairtrade products as being that important in the fight against climate change however …

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Eco Containers

As a small break away from my Veganuary focus this month, I thought I would just share these fab containers that I have found for storing my left-overs and batch cooking. They are made from 100% food grade waste plastic, come in a range of sizes, are BPA free, dishwasher and freezer safe and are …

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It is always a nice surprise when I find sustainable choices easy to find in a mainstream High Street shop. My latest discovery has been the H&M Conscious clothing range. Having been unable to find the hand-me-down trousers for my youngest and my eldest son’s legs suddenly growing, I have recently had to buy some …

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Apparently my cooking technique of heating everything at full power and then ignoring it until it burns/overflows is not the best way to care for my pans (let alone the food)! My recent utter boredom with cooking has therefore unsurprisingly meant I that have managed to kill off more than one of my non-stick pans …

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Door Curtains

Step away from the shiny polyester! As if choosing a curtain fabric wasn’t hard enough, trying to avoid unsustainable fabrics takes it to a whole new level. It is estimated that heating a home accounts for about a third of a household’s carbon footprint, and so this year I decided to add some extra insulation …

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“New” Shoes

“New” shoes!!!!! Well new to me. This is my latest second-hand triumph, which also conveniently saved me from my new shoes dilemma. As I am now in a permanent “make do and buy less” mode, I wasn’t actually planning on buying any new boots this year. However, as the zip on my old winter boots …

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Every Vote Counts

The current US election has been an important reminder for me as to the power that an individual can have. Every Vote Counts. I find it really reassuring that such a small and simple action can have such a huge influence on the world that we live in. This doesn’t just apply to voting in …

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Mask Systems

Following on from my previous post back in July about re-useable face masks, I thought I would give a quick update as to the routines that I have adopted to ensure that the way I am actually using the masks is sustainable too! First of all, as much as I have been trying to limit …

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