Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Cool Packs

I try not to get involved with the coaching of my son’s football team, however having seen the contents of the first-aid kit that my husband was given I knew that he was going to need me to get them some cold packs! Unfortunately, the most popular choice for first-aid cold packs are the single-use …

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My (very basic) sewing skills have been back in use again this weekend. I am not sure how my youngest son managed to fully rip open the lining of both of the sleeves of his winter coat, but as the damage was only on the inside I felt quite confident that I could easily fix …

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How do you like my ‘new’ cabinet? With the furniture industry requiring an enormous amount of trees, plastic and cotton etc to produce what can often be described as fast furniture, I am delighted to see that the trend of upcycling furniture is continuing to become more and more popular. Not only are there now …

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Secondhand September – Vinted

I don’t think I will ever buy a brand new occasion dress again! In my search for the perfect (secondhand) party dress for a special occasion last week, I ended up trying out the online community Vinted and I have to say that I was completely blown away by the sheer amount of beautiful dresses …

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Water Filters

How is your Plastic Free July going? I have some more plastic free swaps to share with you soon, however this week I decided to try to tackle my ongoing issue of single-use plastic water filters (for my fridge-freezer). Two years ago, I contacted Samsung to find out if their filters could be recycled and …

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Whiteboard Markers

I had hoped that I had seen the back of home schooling but unfortunately not! On the plus side though it has reminded me to share the details of these recycled whiteboard markers that I have found in Rymans. My eldest son had previously been using some BIC Ecolutions, 51% recycled, whiteboard markers (which the …

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Hand Soap

Using the rubber bands from my spring onions to stop my hand soap going smushy. Switching to handwash (from the refill shop) or bars of soap is one of the easiest swaps that we made as a family to reduce our plastic use.

Plastic Free Deodorant

I have tried many natural deodorants over the last 2 years but my current top three, plastic-free favourites are: Fit Pit – comes in a glass jar that you simply return for it to be reused. (I buy and return mine from/to Bare + Fair and Kate’s Eco Shop) It does feel a bit strange …

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Plastic Free July

We cannot recycle our way out of the plastic problem and so Plastic Free July is here again to challenge us to change our ways. Every small change that we make really does make a difference in reducing our single-use plastic waste and so I will be sharing as many of my plastic free tips …

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Eye Mask

It may not feel like the first day of summer today but apparently it is?! I do love the lighter evenings of the summer, however for some reason this year I have found myself to be a lot more sensitive to the earlier sunrises over the last few weeks. Unfortunately, the wooden shutters that I …

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