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New Prime Minister

Furious!! Having just watched the debate between the two potential candidates looking to become our next Prime Minister, I was hoping to hear something that would give me some reassurance that our future Government would take the climate emergency seriously. What I got was the exact opposite. The carefully scripted question about climate change was …

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WEAct Hub

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead Today I had the absolute pleasure of being part of the opening of the WEAct Hub in Woking town centre. After months of hard work by a small group of volunteers, …

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The most important thing that we can do is to care. As for something to be sustainable it needs to be looked after. So we need to care about how our food is produced, how our products are made, how our waste is disposed of and of our impact on the natural world, as otherwise …

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Don’t Look Up

I have always loved a bit of Leo and his relentless campaigning about Climate Change makes me admire him even more. It therefore shouldn’t have surprised me that his part in the new movie “Don’t Look Up” is another power play move to help raise the public’s conscience about society’s attitude towards climate change. The …

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Earthshot Prize 2021

I can’t wait to watch the first Earthshot Prize Awards on BBC1 this evening at 8pm. If you haven’t watched the first 5 episodes of this amazing series I can highly recommend them for an inspirational (if not sometimes a bit scary) reality check of how we all can and need to do more.


If you haven’t watched Seaspiracy yet, please do. In short we are destroying the natural balance of our oceans at a terrifying pace which in turn will risk the survival of all life on Earth. Unfortunately I am not even being over dramatic. The Seaspiracy documentary is actually one of the most uncomfortable programmes that …

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Book Loan

As it is World Book Day today I thought I would just share with the you the sustainability books that I have been reading recently. My personal favourites are ‘How Bad Are Bananas’, ‘The Future We Choose’, ‘There is No Planet B’ and ‘The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide’, which is particularly good for dipping in and …

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Feast to Save the Planet

If you are wondering if adjusting your diet really could have an impact on climate change, I can highly recommend watching “Feast to Save the Planet” that is now on BBC iPlayer. Whilst we are all running out of things to watch, it is a bit of light entertainment that also gives some really interesting …

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New Year Resolutions

My mantra at the moment is to focus on what I can do rather than what I cannot. Positivity is what I need right now and so I am currently thinking about what my New Year’s resolutions should be to motivate myself. The start of 2021 is unfortunately not going to be the fresh start …

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The 12 Sustainable Days of Christmas

If my boys are going to sing a Christmas song at the top of their voices all the way down the High Street, I figured that it may as well be one with a good message?! So here is our sustainable version of the 12 Days of Christmas!