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Fruit and Veg Miles

Just because we can have it all, doesn’t mean we should. I have absolutely no idea what season different fruits and vegetables can grow here in the UK as our supermarkets have always enabled me buy whatever I like, whenever I like. The issue however is that this inevitably comes with a huge environmental cost. …

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Litter Pick

I haven’t managed to read a book for about 7 years (mainly due to relentless children and the subsequent tiredness), however on recommendation by a friend I have just finished ‘No More Plastic’ by Martin Dorey. It is a great little quick read, giving an overview of the plastic problem we are facing and introducing …

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Media Pressure

“In the Second World War, Britain’s media was a crucial part of the war effort to save the country from fascism. Now it must meet its responsibility to tackle the climate emergency.” This quote from an article in The Independent really struck a chord with me. As much as I know that doing my little …

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Inspired by Greta

Here is the video that started me on this journey. How can we not act?